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“Whatever the mission is, it must come together with creativity."

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Phyneo. We are creative, multimedia design house.

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Our company, PHYNEO

Phyneo is a creative and innovative multimedia design house based in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. We provide services from design, printing, website, photography to video production. Moreover, Our team are formed by a group of young designers with different profesional background. In summary, Phyneo offers corporate branding design, website design, product & presentation video, 2D&3D animation, event management.

We are a young, creative and design loving team with different professional background that take the greatest care of our client’s visual identity and marketing communications. In addition, Our expertise and devotion to graphic design allow us to craft meaningful creative solutions that express your company’s personality and focus on your business objectives.

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Our Services

Phyneo Sdn. Bhd. is a dedicated Multimedia Design Studio that believes
“Whatever the mission is, it must come together with creativity.”


Our Working Methodology

There are numerous steps in the design development process. From gathering initial information, to the creation of your artwork, and finally to maintenance to keep the branding up to the trend needed in the market.

  • Set goal

    Understand the requirements and expectation

    Our team will meet up with customer to determine the requirements and expectation on the new website. Most importantly, we know the expectation and requirements. After that, we can define the scope of the project and set target to fulfill the goal.

  • Content creation

    Content drives engagement and action

    Once your website’s framework and design element is in place, you can start with the most important aspect of the site, the written content. First, content engages reders and drives them to take actions necessary to fulfil a site’s goals. Second, content also boosts a site’s visibility for search engines.

  • Prepare material & Blueprint

    Gather content & prepare Sitemap

    The sitemap provides the foundation of any well-designed website. In conclusion, It helps give web designers a clear idea of the website’s information architecture and explains the relationship between the various pages and content elements.

  • User Acceptance Test

    Once the final work has all its visuals and content, that is to say, you are ready for testing.

    Thoroughly test each page to make sure all links are working and that the website loads properly on all devices and browsers. To clarify, errors may be the result of small coding mistakes, as a result,  it is often a pain to find and fix them. However, it’s better to do it now than present a broken site to the public.

  • Visual elements

    Create visual style with branding elements, theme choices

    The visual design is a way to communicate and appeal to the site’s users. In short, get it right, and it can determine the site’s success. Get it wrong, and you’re just another web address.

  • Go Live

    It is time to launch and get prepared for long term maintenance.

    Lastly, don’t expect this to go perfectly. There may be still some elements that need fixing. Most importantly, website design is a fluid and ongoing process that requires constant maintenance. Subsequently, you need to consider for website maintenance and digital marketing in order to get more crowds to access to your website.


Video Production

One Stop Creative Video Production - Video Production, Animation & Video Marketing

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Our Video Branding  –Phyneo Motion-

Phyneo Motion – We are specialised in developing explainer video and videography editing. Our concept is to keep it short, simple, engaging and at the same time, convey the correct information.
From video shooting, storyboard drafting, script writing, professional voice over to video editing and animation, we tell your stories with a clear narrative structure. Therefore, we promise to deliver effective, meaningful and impactful videos. By laying down a strategic timeline for each video, our team is able to cater a wide range of video categories, specializing in anniversary video, corporate video, promotional video, infographic video, motion-graphic video, product demo video and also e-learning video.
Furthermore, you are welcome to visit our Phyneo Motion branding site below. Phyneo Motion offers corporate branding design, website design, product & presentation video, 2D&3D animation, event management.

Phyneo Motion

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Our Clients

To review our success story, please contact us immediately.

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